AFPMDD Activity Report 2006-2011

Women’s Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (AFPMDD) is a Republican organization, nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonpolitical, which operates throughout the Republic of Moldova, is registered with the Ministry of Justice no. 3549 of 22 March 2006. The organization’s mission is to contribute to the promotion and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova in the social sphere, environmental and economic, and the development of Moldova’s cooperation with other countries in the areas of environmental protection.

AFPMDD is  member of the Alliance “For a cleaner Prut River” member of the Danube Environmental Forum, a member of the organizational committee “Earth Day.”

During summer of 2006 our organization has implemented the project “Rural and Ecological Tourism a chance of survival of rural communities “funded by UNDP Moldova.

Project’s Goal was : information and awareness of local public authorities and society about the value of natural , cultural and historical heritage of Orhei and neighboring villages. Increasing public participation, emphasize the rural eco- tourism potential of this property. Involving youth in rural communities of Orhei by organizing an eco- tourism expedition with a group of 20-25 students , teenagers and students selected on a competitive basi, during 14 days, which, together with the oranizing team.

Creating our organization’s website .

In 2007 AFPMDD implemented the project “Monitoring of the Orheiul Vechi area ecological status, its natural monuments and protected areas, and identification of the areas most affected by human impact” under the National Environmental Fund . The purpose of this project was : monitoring the environmental status of the area Orhei , including the Valley Raut Păhărniceni to Butuceni Morovaia and natural monuments and architectural history of the region by organizing and  conduct an expedition with the 20 young people ( students and pupils of localities from the region).

In 2009 AFPMDD members participated in various activities in the field of environmental protection, both nationally and internationaly.

During 2009, the Women’s Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development organized and conducted a group training activities, information and awareness of APL, population and especially young people, students, etc..

Were distributed environmental education materials published by AFPMDD, MEM, REC, ECCG and other organizations.

In January 2009 there were meetings of AFPMDD’s representatives in Dubăsari. Withing this meeting were distributed various materials related to environmental education, including organizing and conducting ecotourism expeditions.

In August 2009, for a period of 10 days, AFPMDD held its 10th ecotourism expedition “Feteşti – 2009″, the valley Draghişte river.. In this  expedition participated  60 young people from previous expeditions. The program included ecological hours, cleaning the river, etc.. Representatives attended the board meeting AFPMDD DEF Orşova AFPMDD România.În 2010 organized a series of seminars entitled “Development of agriculture ecologiceşi EU requirements on organic production certification”.

AFPMDD representatives attended the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in Berlin.

Recently AFPMDD implemented the project “Let’s care for small streams along with their beneficiaries!”
The overall goal of the project was:Contributions to the rehabilitation of the river Camenca and improve water quality by: assessing the ecological status of the river Camenca, capacity building authorities and communities to rehabilitate and protect Camenca River.Results: Creating Camenca River Basin Committee; development of the organization and functioning of the Camenca River Basin Committee, Development Camenca River Management Plan, conduct an environmental education program for youth in the villages located in BH Camenca organizing ecological expedition attended by over 25 young people from the localities in BH Camenca.

The aim of this expedition was to educate the young generation in the spirit of awareness of the possibilities goals they represent, as a fundamental resource for eco-tourism activities. Forming an appropriate vision and a system of rules adapted to current European standards by which those objectives are to be seen at their fair value, should be protected and preserved a fundamental conviction of complete information, inform the local population about the ecological state of the river Camenca; drafting and editing of information – educational – instructive: Camenca River poster and flyer was created movie “Middle Prut Valley.”