About NGO

Women’s Association for the Environment Protection and Sustainable Development (AFPMDD) is a national, non-governmental, non-profit organization wich operates throughout the Republic of Moldova and is registered by the Ministry of Justice on 22nd of March 2006.

 AFPMDD mission: Promotion of democratic processes and European values; promotion of sustainable development processes in the social, economic and environmental protection spheres; promotion of sustainable use of natural resources at local, national and regional level by providing information, training and consultancy, public participation in decision-making process and involvement of women in environmental protection activities.

 AFPMDD vision: An active civil society based on European values and standards; a clean environment for every citizen; a prosperous Moldova, with good water quality, with many forests, healthy and educated people.

 AFPMDD priority areas: Environmental education; environment and health; water resources management; women's involvement in natural resource management; development of rural tourism; biodiversity; capacity building of civil society; sustainable development; local government.