AFPMDD Activity Report 2011

Women’s Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (AFPMDD) is a Republican organization, nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonpolitical, which operates throughout the Republic of Moldova, is registered with the Ministry of Justice no. 3549 of 22 March 2006. The organization’s mission is to contribute to the promotion and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova in the social sphere, environmental and economic, and the development of Moldova’s cooperation with other countries in the areas of environmental protection.


AFPMDD is member of:

– The Alliance “For a Clean Prut”

– Member of the Danube Environmental Forum,

– Member of the organizing committee of “Earth Day”.

– Member of the National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership Forum;

– Associate Member of the National Participation Council to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova;

AFPMDD team in colaboration with environmental agencies in Rascani Glodeni Făleşti and Public Health Centers Rascani Glodeni and Făleşti, reserve officers “Padurea Domneasca” with SHS evaluated the ecological state of the Kamenka River Basin. It was determined the quality of water and the current state of natural monuments and protected areas in these regions were identified pollution sources in the region.

All these data were included in the Kamenka River Management Plan, which was developed and submitted to the central environmental and Local Authorities in Glodeni, Râşcani and Făleşti. It was drafted Regulation of organization and functioning of Kamenka River Basin Council.

Have been published informational materials.

Camenca poster and leaflet “Save small streams.” Materials communicate the ecological state of the river, natural and historic architectural monuments located in Kamenka River basin. These materials are intended as a source of laconic presentation of environmental problems and ways of solving, at all levels of local communities.

Environmental education by organizing ecotourism expedition. This expedition had 25 young people as participants from the localities in BH Kamenka.

During the expedition the young people were taught to identify ecotourism objectives , to sensitize local authorities and Republican on the opportunity to exploit this property for ecotourism purpose , to influence policy makers and local authorities towards enhancing their involvement in concrete actions to protect and conservation of these objectives, to promote the concept of ecotourism and indentify  ways to implement this concept in this region , attended the meeting with the LPA , with the local population , have participated in monitoring the current state of natural monuments and protected areas in the territory given and identified areas and ecotourism value targets that are affected by human impact , have been familiar with the standards of behavior towards nature and how to perform an ecotourism trips (rules of orienteering , camping rule , cleaning the campsite after its use , etc. . ) , etc. . developed proposals for concrete actions on development of ecotourism in the area, protecting and improving the natural environment.

Media coverage of the project are:

Project activities were mediatized at national and local level – Glodeni television and Moldova 1 TV.

It was broadcasted information about the environmental status of small rivers, water resources, natural heritage of this region, to raise awareness of its involvement in the development of practical action plans for sanitation and good preservation of small rivers, natural treasures.

At the end of the project it was  organized a meeting for summarization, attended by Deputy Minister of Environment , mayors of Glodeni, Rascani Făleşti, representatives of environmental agencies Rascani Făleşti Glodeni,representatives of Public Health Centres , representatives of Moldsilva – scientific reserve ” Padurea Domneasca ” .

It was created Camenca Basin Committee , elected a president and established a little action plan for the next stage .

During 2011 AFPMDD, members attended various meetings both nationally and internationally: The environmental NGO Forum Cookies 2011, February 2011 Annual Conference “Cooperation between Parliament and Civil Society”, in May 2011, the International networking Meeting “Steps towards Sustainability in the Danube Delta” Tulcea, Romania, October 2011, at the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership, November 2011, Poznan, Poland, etc..